Allergen Training

Empower your hospitality frontline staff with our 'Allergens in Gastronomy' course. Learn allergen basics, effective communication, kitchen management, legal compliance, and guest interaction strategies to ensure safe dining experiences across multiple locations.
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Introduction to Allergens in Gastronomy

Start with a comprehensive understanding of allergens in the food industry, tailored for frontline staff in hospitality. This lesson covers the types of allergens, their impact on guests, and the importance of allergen awareness in providing safe culinary experiences.

Labeling and Communicating about Allergens

Learn the art of effective allergen communication and accurate labelling. Essential for staff across various hospitality locations, this lesson focuses on clear, compliant allergen labelling practices and ways to inform guests about potential allergens in food items.

Kitchen Management for Allergen Control

Master techniques to manage and control allergens in kitchen operations. This lesson offers practical guidance on cross-contamination prevention, safe food handling, and organizing a kitchen to minimize allergen risks, crucial for maintaining a safe dining environment.

Handling Allergic Reactions: Protocols and Procedures

Equip your staff with the knowledge to respond effectively to allergic incidents. This lesson covers the identification of allergic reactions, emergency response protocols, and first-aid procedures, ensuring timely and appropriate action in critical situations.

Legal Framework for Allergen Management

Understand the legal aspects of allergen management in the hospitality industry. This lesson provides an overview of relevant laws and regulations, helping staff ensure compliance and avoid legal pitfalls related to allergen handling and communication.

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