The mobile companion for your frontline

Employees find, learn, and understand.
Managers can focus on the business.

Why our customers love us

The old ways prevent growth

Bounti gets the job done. Improve quality while maintaining growth.

Standards across the workforce to enable growth – anywhere, anytime.
Make sure employees understand and follow your operations correctly.
Shorten time to productivity and get more done with less staff.
Stop flooding your employees with learning content. 5-min daily knowledge nuggets increase learner retention significantly.
Ensure operational excellence 24/7, even during staff shortages.
Make it easy for your employees to find the information they are looking for.
Motivate your staff -Bounti is fun, personalized and rewarding.
Listen to your frontline and reward them for their efforts.

Made for your industry

Bounti AI

Create courses and content in minutes vs. weeks using Bounti AI.

We make it easy to create the best content for your frontline.

Bounti's use cases are diverse.

Onboarding and Training
Shorten time to productivity of your employees by automatically onboarding new joiners.
Learning and Development
Increase employee retention by training and upskilling employees within your organisation.
Communicate and engage with your entire frontline and reach everyone.
Operational Support
Use the Bounti Companion to help employees get immediate answers to questions they face on a day-to-day.
Streamline store checks and audit protocols and address gaps immediately with interactive training.

Compliance is important. We know that.

GDPR compliant
Bounti is GDPR tested and compliant
Made in Germany
Made with love in Berlin
Secure data handling checked by experts

Empower your frontline - today.

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