Training and knowledge for your frontline

We reimagined how frontline staff can access information - anywhere, anytime, bite-sized.
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Elevate your workforce training.

It was never so easy to create fun training for your workforce. Backed by science.
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The most engaging learning experience

Your employees will love the experience.

Say good-bye to traditional learning platforms

Create engaging training. Faster than ever before.

Make sure your workforce stays compliant

Follow progress, every step of the way.

Maintain quality across hundreds of sites

Assess staff skills in person to ensure quality.

Empower staff with the right information

Save staff by providing answers instantly.

Your company knowledge.

All in one place.

Accessible for your staff.

At their fingertips.

Employees ask questions in natural language.

We give staff the information they need, whenever and wherever they need it.

Our algorithm is trained on your company data.

We reference important training for context.

Bounti for Operations Managers
Streamline operations. Make your staff more effective, faster. Monitor and ensure performance with assessments.
Reduced time to productivity
More confidence for your employees
Track learning progress of your teams
Bounti for Learning Managers
Create the best learning content in minutes, not weeks - even if you have never created learning materials.
Create learning content in minutes
Ensure 5x higher course completion rates
Improve workforce performance
Bounti for QM Managers
Make sure your staff meets your standards and your business is compliant.
Create standards for the whole team
Ensure workforce safety and compliance
Help Employees understand quicker
Bounti for People Managers
Hire talent easier and keep it longer - be an outstanding employer.
Increase employee retention
Develop employees meaningfully
Attract talent easier and faster

Kick-start your distributed workforce training.


Content creation has never been easier.

We make creating training courses for your workforce easy and fast. Create engaging learning content in minutes, not weeks.
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Gamified and mobile training, with micro-learnings.

Learning feels like a game to your employees. It fits into the busy schedules of your staff and is personalized.
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Follow progress, every step of the way.

Always keep track of the progress and reward those that perform best.
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Thanks to Bounti, we have significantly shortened our onboarding time by 50%. Our team is well-informed and equipped with the necessary knowledge to consistently adhere to established standards.

Kenan Artiran
Head of Rider Recruiting, MAYD

With multiple stores to manage, Bounti lets us streamline our onboarding and training process.This saves us time, lots of headaches and ultimately increases our employees’ productivity.

Victoria Liss
MAD About Juice, Hamburg

Bounti is solving a massive pain point with a user-friendly product. For any company that has a constant need to onboard and train new employees, Bounti is a no-brainer.

Shin-Won Kang
Kimchi Guys, bok, wagu wagu

And there is so much more...

Give employees every reason to learn, and stay.
Bounti creates incentives for employees to learn, perform better and stay.
Personal learning paths
Transparent development paths with clear goals.
Automatic translations
Up to 40+ languages. No more barriers with your workforce.
AI-assisted content creation
Create engaging courses, polls and quizzes using the power of AI.

Train your workforce, the right way

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