Make learning engaging. Finally.

Game design, incentivization, and micro-modules make learning more accessible and exciting than ever for your staff.

Support your workforce from day 1. Bounti helps you engage and retain your employees.

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Gamified and mobile training, with micro-learnings.

Learning feels like a game to your employees. It fits into the busy schedules of your staff and is personalized.

Learning success through science.

Your staff learns based on the latest results in learning research. Understand and retain knowledge better.

Incentivize staff to go the extra mile.

Our benefit library allows you to reward your employees based on their learning effort. PS: tax-free!

Thanks to Bounti, we have significantly shortened our onboarding time by 50%. Our team is well-informed and equipped with the necessary knowledge to consistently adhere to established standards.

Kenan Artiran
Head of Rider Recruiting, MAYD

With multiple stores to manage, Bounti lets us streamline our onboarding and training process.This saves us time, lots of headaches and ultimately increases our employees’ productivity.

Victoria Liss
MAD About Juice, Hamburg

Bounti is solving a massive pain point with a user-friendly product. For any company that has a constant need to onboard and train new employees, Bounti is a no-brainer.

Shin-Won Kang
Kimchi Guys, bok, wagu wagu

Start engaging your workforce in no time.